About Us

No… It’s not all about coffee and computers…

At Neulogic Solutions Limited, we are specialists in providing financial and other applications. Our most experienced members of staff have over 25 years experience solving technology problems in banks, fund managers, stockbrokers, accounting firms, discount houses and other financial institutions.

We are a dynamic and innovative software development company providing applications and technology services that can easily scale, to the business community in Nigeria and Africa.  We have grown, over time, into a successful company providing technology services to over 50 organisations, including some of the most established firms in Nigeria.

Our goal is to help organisations optimise their operations and improve business performance.  Our cutting edge solutions deliver efficiency, improve your customer experience and create an enabling technology environment to give you the added advantage in this competitive business climate.

Our team has extensive experience in working with financial institutions on one hand and technology on the other and members of our management team have worked together for over 20 years. We keep abreast of current technologies so that we can bring them to bear in solving any new business challenges you might have in the fast changing technology landscape.

In getting all this done… the coffee does occasionally help.