Customer Web Portal

This customizable product allows for interface to different aspects of the Symplus suite of applications thus giving your clients an excellent service delivery channel.  The Customer Web Portal also delivers online payment platform, making it convenient for your customers to fund their account and give your investment instruction at a click.

  • Main Product Features
    • Interface to customer information system
    • Client access by password or P.I.N. Numbers
    • Access to:
    • Cash (Account details, statement, transaction listing
    • Equity (Portfolio, certificates, trades, orders, price listing analysis)
    • Investment (Fund Accounts, statement, price listing analysis

Loans (repayments, balance statement)

  • Ability to buy/sell equities
  • Ability to redeem/subscribe to a fund
  • Online Cash deposit
  • Printing Reports:
  • Cash Statement
  • Investment Notice
  • Fund Statement
  • Contract Note
  • Cash Receipt
  • Customer Onboarding (Registration, New Customers, Request, Trading
  • Audit of all operations
  • Definition of limits on financial operation
  • Firewalls to prevent unauthorized operation
  • Secure communication between you and your customer (SSL)
  • Uses industry Standard protocol for browsing and SMS messaging