Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module allows you to manage fixed assets within your organisation. The system includes multiple depreciation methods and allows you to track your assets if they are transferred from department to department. The system will also allow you to track model numbers and serial numbers of each individual asset and will generate depreciation entries directly into the General Ledger module on a daily basis.

Assets can also be sold or written off and this will also generate appropriate transactions directly into the General Ledger. The system allows you to track important information throughout the life of each asset by means of asset memos and maintenance records which can be attached to each asset. With the Fixed Assets module, you are able to take proper control of your fixed assets wherever they may be within your organisation.

 Main Product Features

  • Fixed asset register
  • Automatic depreciation methods
  • Adjustment of asset values and depreciation schedule parameters
  • Asset sale and write off
  • Automatic depreciation entry generation when due
  • Assets can be tracked in multiple currencies
  • Asset maintenance history tracking