Asset Management

With our asset management modules, every fund manager has the tools required to keep track of a wide range of funds and also make investments in a extensive range of asset classes, all with complete interfaces to the general ledger and other relevant modules. This completely removes the need for keeping records in voluminous spreadsheets, and reduces manual postings to the barest minimum.

The Symplus Asset Management application is intuitive to the user. It’s enhanced workflow design and point and click functionality makes navigation easy and accessible for all types of users.  Current modules include:

  • Separately Managed Portfolios
  • Treasury Pool Management
  • Money Market/Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate Management
  • Investments
  • Derivatives Management
  • Client Trades

Our wealth management systems have been designed to power the heart of any successful investment firm. We have built in features that make us a market leader in the field.

The Symplus Asset Management solution is designed to manage the entire breadth of your asset management processes including;

  • Advanced client onboarding and relationship management features.
  • Support for the widest range of asset classes available
  • Full multi-currency wealth management accounting system integrated with corporate action processing and full analytics for all security types including mutual funds.
  • Complete coverage of traditional global investment products with flexible asset classification.
  • Robust rules-based compliance engine to achieve effective risk control.
  • A real time 360° client view and in-depth information through an extensive set of reports and data views.
  • Business analysis and top management reporting with 24/7 access to all data.
  • Full portfolio re-balancing.
  • … and so much more

Symplus’ flexible, parameter driven approach helps fund managers increase data accuracy, reduce costs and take on more funds without an increase in operational headcount. It supports all asset classes and portfolio types, providing you with the maximum flexibility you need to manage your business.