Individual Funds

It provides you with the ability to create and manage and process private individuals and individual corporate funds activities. It helps the fund manager to create and review their strategic and tactical asset allocation. The system helps to manage private clients and institutional clients and trade in any kind of investment. It creates flexible investment restrictions and easily monitor portfolio. It provides detailed performance distribution and contribution for any period of time. Calculates fees, including management fees, performance fees and commission as defined in the system. Project cash flows for portfolio by displaying current and expected balances of all instruments; cash, dividends, bonuses etc. and also apply the corporate actions to the investor’s portfolio. The system has the capability to generate automatic fund/portfolio valuation of all funds for making decision to fund managers. It includes a flexible reporting and making appropriate enquiries for each fund and portfolio.

Main Product Features

  • Fund definition.
  • Fund creation.
  • Fees and Charges
  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fund, contributions and accounts enquiry.
  • Ability to invest into different investment asset class
  • Bench mark rate returns
  • Global asset allocation and current asset allocation
  • Fund valuation.