Non Unitized Funds

The Non Unitized Funds provide you with the means to effectively manage the contribution of investors in money market operations of financial institutions. The system also includes features such as single maturity and non single maturity of investment and a wide range of inquiries and reports to enable investment managers make informed decisions based on the current state of the market. It also has the capability to distribute excess income. Penalty is charged for early exit of deal.  It allows automatic rollover, auto liquidate and also interest can be capitalized if desire. It has the capability to adjust interest rate and principal amount with the option of recalculating time of last application.

Every deal is effectively monitored by the system from creation to final maturity. Deal slips are printed for every deal where required. The system also includes features such as bank/branch exposure limit monitoring and a wide range of inquiries and reports.

  • Main Product Features
    • Fund definition.
    • Flexible deal creation and amendment.
    • Option to automatically liquidate deals.
    • Option to capitalize interest and automatic rollover deal.
    • Exposure limits monitoring.
    • Interest rate and principal amount adjustment.
    • Fund fees.
    • Fund contributions and withdrawals.
    • Ability to liquidate investments.
    • Ad-hoc fund charges.
    • Ability to generate flexible reporting to analyze financial transactions.
    • Fund contributions and withdrawals enquiries.