Separately Managed Funds

With our Separately Managed Account (SMA) module, you can offer your clients a full complement of wealth management solutions. This is critical to building and maintaining long-term relationships, offering superior service and maximizing the opportunities that wealthy clients present. Our solution is highly configurable and is fully parameter driven, significantly reducing the turn around time in offering new products to your customers. It also comes complete with the rich functionalities expected by today’s fund managers and a high level of usability with respect to automating the management of investment portfolios for private and institutional clients.

  • Main Product Features
    • Multi-asset class, multi-portfolio and multi-currency support
    • Complete Customer relationship management including KYC data capture and profiling, messaging etc.
    • Enhanced customer on-boarding process
    • Advanced performance analysis and risk metrics
    • Daily automatic portfolio valuation
    • Compliance and investment restrictions
    • Automated Fees Management
    • Automatic interface to General Ledgers and Sub-Ledgers
    • Easy Interface with other Accounting and Banking systems
    • Includes robust back-office functionalities
    • Investments in any asset class
    • Notifications and alerts

Among many others