Unitized Funds (Mutual Funds)

The Symplus Unitized Fund module handles all the requirements for creating, managing and tracking any number of open/closed-ended mutual funds, money market funds and any other type of units-based funds. The Mutual Funds module handles the customer-side and interfaces directly with the Symplus Investments module which manages the investment side. Extensive detailed information is maintained for all the funds and their customers (subscribers) including compliance and KYC requirements. The system comes with an extensive set of analytics and reports. The system is totally scale-able with no limitation in number of funds and investors.

Main Product Features

  • Handles Mutual Funds, Money Market Funds and any other Unitized Funds
  • Extensive and configurable fund requirements and compliance rules
  • Easy subscriptions and redemptions, including batch uploads
  • Transfers between individual or multiple holders, and across funds
  • Automated NAV and Price Calculations
  • Automated Management Fees computation and accruals
  • Automated income distribution.

Among many others