Client Information System

This subsystem KYC (know your customer) record of all individuals or corporate customer for which data will be entered in any of the modules. This information includes static information including addresses, phone/fax numbers and e-mail addresses e.t.c. The application includes extensive search capabilities so that information could be retrieved which categorizes customers by location, sex etc for example, which could enable managers make decisions on where new branches could be located.

Main Product Features
  • Maintains central repository of customers details accessible by all other modules
  • Individual / Corporate and joint customer Records
  • Multiple addresses and phone numbers per customer
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • CRM Officers and team members
  • Photograph , Signature & Documents uploading.
  • Sending of bulk E-mails to all Clients:
  • Cash statement of accounts,
  • Contract notes
  • Portfolio valuation reports.
  • Ability to send customized messages to all Clients or selected groups of clients as determined by you.
  • Officer performance module to track performance of CRM officers based on defined metrics
  • By brokerage income
  • By deposits made