Loans Management System

The Credit Management System supports requisite functions in the areas of installment, mortgage, line-of-credit, and commercial lending. It provides main supporting aspects of loan processing functionality including “What-If” analysis tools, On-line Loan application origination and authorisation, Collateral records, Standing orders, Payments waivers etc. It has a comprehensive loans portfolio reporting that gives the global picture of the customer or branch and has query/reporting facility for sectored analysis that lets the bank or branch know how they are fairing.

Main Product Features
  • Fully multi currency
  • User-defined fixed or variable rate types
  • Flexible rates set-up
  • User-defined interest and penalty calculation plans
  • User-defined accrual frequencies
  • User-defined performance classification plans
  • User-defined processing rules based on performance classification
  • User-defined aged analysis parameters
  • “What-If” analysis calculator and quotations
  • Addition to approved loan amounts
  • Disbursement and repayment schedules
  • Automatic repayments using standing orders
  • Payment waivers
  • Automatic and manual performance classifications
  • Late payment alerts/reminders
  • Automatic loan review notification
  • Loan payoff and Loan write-off
  • Automatic account closure
  • Flexible query and intuitive interactive report parameters