Trustee Management

Whether you need to tackle one piece of the process or you’re looking for an integrated solution, Symplus Trustee Management Solution has the tools to streamline the process and improve operational efficiency. The management of a clients trust is an important fiduciary responsibility that demands transparency and accountability.  Symplus helps you manage various aspects of the client trust, Accounting, Investment, Client Management as well as Documentation processes.

Having well managed trust operations and keeping accurate records could be critical to protecting your trust from ever being overturned. Trust documents should be kept for the life of the trust. Keeping this important information on paper or hard drives for a long period of time risks exposure to floods, fire, earthquakes and more. A loss of information in just one location could leave the trust’s records incomplete. Using Symplus Trust Management Solution means that all the records are automatically backed up using top-level security.

The application consists of three major modules to handle three key functions of Trustee Management.  These include:

  • Corporate Trust
  • Public Trust
  • Private Trust